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We have collabortaed with the children of Grasmere Primary School to create this pavement in a small park on Albion Road, Stoke Newington. The image illustrates the story of the 2 giants  who the Romans encountered when they first landed in Britain, or Albion as they called it. One of the giants was called Gog Magog and they were said to be descendents of a greek princess called alba who had been banished by her father in a rudderless boat that had drifted to this island. The giants were an agressive race and had fought with each other until only two remained. When the Romans landed they threw them both off the cliffs and into the sea.

The children designed and made all the border mosaics, which show a variety of images including giants, aliens, national flags and even a door into an imaginary place.

albion parade fixed small
albion parade in-situ small

Albion Parade 

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