Two new mosaics showing a selection of the local dogs plus some of the wild flower species to be found in the lovely wildflower meadow, planted by Hackney Parks Department on the other side of the Park.

The Hounds of Hackney Downs

long dogs gv small
fixed and finished small

The long wall  shows ten magnificent dogs , enjoying the wide open spaces of the Downs. On the right side are the names of many of the volunteers who made the mosaic.

Around the corner are another twenty one of the local dogs. showing the immense variety of the Hounds of Hackney Downs.

dogs group2 small

Group photo showing most of the dogs - Tino, Audrey, Maude, Albe, Bow, Freddie, Tyler, Sweep, Peggy Sue, Yogi and Biff.

group small

Some of he wonderful volunteers who made the mosaics - Gabi, Mary, David, Rose, Janis, Ninna, Ken, Danni, Jeremy, Linda, Mark and Jamie with Tessa and Audrey.