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Shepherdess Walk

The mosaics in Shepherdess Walk Park, Hackney started as a project funded by Hackney Council to celebrate 2012, the year of the London Olympics.


The first two panels were inspired by Roman mosaics but they also show details from contemporary life in Hackney. Amongst the trees and animals that you would find in ancient floors there are frisbees, I-pods and leaf blowers.


We then made more panels of patterns, maker’s names and a wall dedicated to the shepherdesses who gave their name to the Park (accompanied by their sheep).


Finally we completed two pavement mosaics for the Park showing the different kinds of wild flowers to be found in Hackney..


The mosaics are designed by Tessa Hunkin and made by a team of dedicated volunteers.

The Grand Finale 2013


The unveiling of the Pavement Mosaics at Shepherdess Walk took place on October 10th. This event marked the completion of the Hackney Mosaic Project’s work in the Park and the culmination of over two years effort and determination.


There was an exhibition of current work in the Community hut and then a procession along Murray Grove to the Park.


The procession was led by two hand made sheep, two Shepherdesses and a Shepherd, and in the Park they were joined by the Guest of Honour, the sheep from Hackney City Farm.


The ribbon was cut by Councillor Jonathan McShane, who then distributed certificates to the project participants.


The ceremony was completed with a magnificent poem written and recited by Ken Edwards (see below).



The final piece has now been set


Tessa’s idea has come to fruition


With a myriad of tiles we’ll not forget


The pure strength of our determination.


Joined as one mosaic unity


To engulf this land with its beauty


United by tiles this is our destiny


Witnessing the start of our legacy.


Soon we’ll be on every street


And people will be saying have you heard,


While smiling gleefully as they meet


There’s a new mosaic - that’s the word.

Shepherdess Walk patterns
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